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Berg och sjö

The company

MEG Coaching is a company that offers coaching via blog posts, e-mail coaching and writing their story. I work primarily with stress-related problems and anxiety. The coaching forms I use are group workshops, individual writing guidance via video calls or  that we have a conversation via email. 

About me

My name is Merika and I have studied as a Conversation Coach at the Distance Institute, Writing Counselor at Write Your Self and as a certified EFT coach at EFT Scandinavia. My working method is based on helping you put into words difficult experiences by writing different texts. I have my own experience of how effective it is to write down your story to process life's difficult events.


About the Blog

My idea with the blog is to inspire you to create small changes in your life. The posts come out once a month with different strategies, methods or writing exercises with a focus on stress and anxiety.

Merika skriver

Här finns texter som jag skrivit i läkande syfte 

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