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The story is yours

I am a trained Coach with a focus on Stress, anxiety. My working method is a combination of the methods EFT and Write Your Self. EFT I came in contact with in 2019 and got good results on my anxiety when I used the method. In 2020, I trained as a coach in this self-help method. EFT (emotional freedom technique) is an effective and simple self-help method against stress and anxiety where you tap on acupuncture points on the face, hands and chest. The method can be likened to an emotional acupuncture without needles. The purpose is for you to learn to be more in your body than to let yourself be controlled by your thoughts. EFT contains acceptance and conscious presence. Writing texts has always been a valve and when I came in contact with Write Your Self I understood how effective it is to put thoughts, feelings and experiences into words. Write Your Self is a method that helps to regain power over your life after transformative experiences. Sometimes it is easier to write down what you have experienced and the benefits of using text as a tool are:  

  • You can work with it in batches

  • You can write about an experience from a different perspective

  • You do not have to rewrite a specific event to have an effect

  • There is no right or wrong way to design your text.


My way of working is that you write your texts based on various exercises that I have created. Sometimes they are structured in a certain way while other exercises are more free. Even if the exercises are structured, you choose how you design your text. The purpose is for you to regain control of your life and choices. You own your experiences and there is no obligation to show what you have written. Both EFT and Write Your Self focus on acceptance and conscious presence. To take care of difficult feelings that can be aroused when you write, I offer guidance in EFT to reduce anxiety and stress levels.  


The story is yours is a course I have created where the meetings take place in Google Meet every other week. Each meeting lasts for 90 minutes. The group consists of 4 to 6 people so that everyone in the group will dare to talk or read out their text if they want. The basic course has two steps with 4 opportunities each. A hit always has the same structure.


  • We start with something I call the Round - here everyone has the opportunity to tell about how the writing exercise has gone and what emotions it has aroused.

  • When everyone has had their say, we take an EFT round to deal with a feeling that has emerged. Each participant chooses which emotion they want to work with and rates it from 0 to 10. I guide the group with phrases that you should repeat either loud or quiet to yourself. After the round, the feeling is graded once again.

  • Presentation of today's theme with discussion opportunities.

  • After about 45 minutes, we take a leg stretcher of about 15 minutes.

  • Review of the writing exercise and the opportunity to start working.

  • When it's about 15 minutes, I offer another EFT round to deal with emotions that have arisen.

  • Finally, we round off with a moment of reflection that takes place based on calling cards or questions that I ask.


If there is a request for extra guidance, I offer it via e-mail by agreement at a discounted price. I also give text feedback at a reduced price. My text response means that I give my reflections, my perspective and reflections on the content of the text. There is a Basic step 2 and Continuation steps 1 and 2 as well as a standalone text response.

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