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EFT (emotional freedom technique) is an effective and simple self-help method against stress where you tap on acupuncture points on the face, hands and chest. The method can be likened to an emotional acupuncture without needles. The purpose is for you to learn to be more in your body than to let yourself be controlled by your thoughts. EFT contains acceptance and conscious presence. Acupuncture is based on Chinese medicine and there are many different variations to stimulate the points on. Every point on the face, hands and chest used in EFT is either an end point or a beginning of the body's meridians. In these meridians, energy must flow freely to provide balance in the body. There are 12 meridians with 365 different points, all of which are connected to the internal organs. By tapping on specific points on the face, up on the head, chest and sometimes the hands, you stimulate the body's self-healing ability, increase your acceptance and create shifts in your life. The points used in EFT stimulate the liver, bladder, stomach and intestinal tract, kidneys and gallbladder. According to Chinese medicine, a balance in these energy flows is the key to a high level of well-being and a better life. The knocks have the same effect on the brain's connections as mindfulness.


EFT is used in different variants and forms where each practitioner finds his niche. I have concentrated on a combination of mindfulness and EFT. The points used are in the middle of the head, on the inside of the eyebrows, on the outside of the eyebrows, under the eye, under the nose, on the chin (in the pit), on the chest, under the arm. While tapping on these points, you can repeat a positive affirmation loud or silent to yourself to put into words your feelings and desires. EFT is an effective self-help method and can be used as therapy for e.g. PTSD.


If you want more information go to There you will find links, information, newsletters, the nearest certified EFT therapist etc. On YouTube you will find posts that show exactly how to do and where the points are.  

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