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About me
Skrivvägledare och Coach Merika Gustavsson

My name is Merika and I am a Certified Stress Coach, Writing Counselor and Certified EFT coach. The reason I want to help you create a stress-free life is that I have my own experience of living with stress and anxiety. I always start from myself in my guidance and offer you a smorgasbord of methods and strategies. My motto is that you have the answers, do the work and I guide you in your development.

About the company

I founded MEG Coaching to be able to help others based on my own experience. Have lived with mental illness caused by stress and anxiety. What I suggest are strategies and structures that I myself have tried and use myself. I offer coaching blog posts, coaching via email, WhatsApp and workshops in Write Your Self (The story is mine) in groups, individual writing guidance via video calls on Zoom or Meet.   Contact me for a discussion about your wishes.

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