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Exercising breathing has many benefits both physically and mentally. The result  depends on your basic physical condition and how much you exercise. Like so many others  Forms of exercise are the regularity that gives the best results and that is enough  15 minutes every day. You adapt the exercises to your daily form and the needs you have at the time. What is important is that you can be undisturbed during the time you train.  Deep breathing has good effects on the body and mind, which means that it is one  good tool for stress management.  


Breathing exercises have their origins in Taoism. It is based on the theory of Yin and  Yang, the five elements and the body's meridian system. The method means that  one lives in harmony with oneself and life. It can be used no matter which  belief you have, then the concept of energies can be exchanged for just what is  significant and important to you. To live in harmony with oneself and life  means that you have an accepting attitude to what is happening. One  acceptance does not mean that you need to like what is happening, but that you accept it for what it is. By breathing with the abdomen, you oxygenate the body's cells, which increases your well-being. Having effective breathing gives many positive effects on the body such as lowered  blood pressure and heart rate, better digestion and metabolism, alleviate anxiety,  anxiety and reduces stress levels. Deep controlling breaths give the brain  signals to relax and exit from standby mode, oxygenates the cells in  body, transports carbon dioxide efficiently. In case of stress and anxiety, you tend to breathe superficially, which impairs the functions of the brain and body.

Only by improving your breathing can you increase your well-being and gain  better health. An easy way to create change in your life, create opportunities for  other thought patterns and attitudes to life.

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