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Stress is something that we all more or less experience from time to time. It occurs when  the requirements are higher than your ability. The experience of stress is individual, what you find stressful, someone else thinks is not something to be stressed over. Positive and negative stress affects us differently, the positive stress makes us more focused and concentrated e.g. at a test. The negative stress makes it difficult for you to function in different situations.  Having too little to do can be just as stressful as feeling overwhelmed.


Stress is present in both physical and mental form. The body's reactions do not know the difference between whether it is your thoughts that are stressful or whether you have a bodily injury.  The brain does not distinguish between a real threat (someone is threatening you in town) or a threat created in your mind. The reaction is the same and the body's fire alarm is constantly on standby. The signals ask the body to be constantly prepared to flee or fight. The stress signals are controlled by the body's various nervous systems. It takes a balance between the activity of both nervous systems to feel good.


As long as you prioritize recovery and sleep, your body will be better able to handle stressful situations. Stress only becomes harmful when it lasts for a long time. Prolonged stress can lead to high blood pressure, tense muscles, hormonal imbalances, memory and difficulty concentrating. In the worst cases, prolonged stress can lead to heart attack, fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and other long-term illnesses. It also takes on the reserves you have which makes you more susceptible to infection, tired. There is a lot you can do yourself to reduce your stress level. Look over your life situation, create regular sleep and eating habits, exercise about 30 minutes every day (a walk at lunch is enough), learn to say no, do something fun and treat yourself to time to do something for your own sake, lower the requirements on yourself. Gain knowledge about your stress and how you react, find balance in life and become aware of the situations in which you are vulnerable.


Think about :

what you want to start with,

what you want to end up with

what you want to continue with.

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